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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Our Travel Vlog

I have created another page to link our travels to some video clips taken. These videos are mostly(if not 100%, then 99.9%) shot, produced and edited by me.

By clicking on the hyperlinks that says "CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO" at the respective postings will take you to the VLOG(in short for Video Blogging).
If the link does not take you there, go to http://shamogvideo.blogspot.com


Paul "Shanghai Phoenix" Kee

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Video Editing, Video Streaming, Photo Slides Service

Do you like what you see? I provide services for Video Editing, Photo Slides Creation, for Webpages, Blogs, E-Commerce Sites or just simply to burn into VCD, SVCD or DVD formats, for private or commercial viewing. Maybe you are thinking ofr keeping those memories in a more organized manner for easier on demand access(i.e. internet streaming)?

Contact me at phoenix998@gmail.com
We can discuss on your needs at competitive prices. Why wait?

Paul Kee