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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kg Esok – Buaya 4x4 Offroad, 29 & 30 July 2006

Just returned home from an overnight offroading and camping trip to Sungei Kg. Esok(Kesok) in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

On this trip, we were divided to two teams(A & B) from our fellow Buaya 4x4 offroaders. One was to set out in the morning and the other team in the afternoon, the former for early birds like us who were just too eager to get into the rainforest to be the first to set camp(for the best spot), the latter for either folks who are not so used to waking up early on a Saturday morning or that their flight have just landed. This time around promises to be filled with fun and “high spirits”, however, we decided to remind ourselves to stick to entertainment of a more sober kind. The two teams were

Team A
A1. Fireman
A2. FreeLander
A3. Heliman (Convoy Leader)
A4. Mazlan
A5. DZul
A6. HO
A7. Firdaus
A8. Blue Thunder
A9.. Mozzie & Shanghai.

Team B
B1. MC & Eagle & Red Indian Girl
B2. Flying Lizard & Silver Surfer
B3. Kokonut Soldier(Convoy Leader) & Bed Covers
B4. Capt Lui & Capt Wong
B5. Kikilala
B6. James Pang
B7. X-Trail


Rendezvous at 8.30am on 29 July(Sat) at Senawang Exit Toll. Before heading offroad, we had breakfast at 9.30am. We were scheduled to arrive at the intended campsite at 11.30am, however as the site was occupied by some campers from the biological unit dept of UM we had to move on. At some point we winded up at a trail end near a waterfall at Lata Kijang(The Orang Asli calls it Kijang Jatuh), located about 15 minutes walk to Gunung Hantu Besar according to Heliman. The waterfall was very scenic with a drop of at least some 200 meters from the peak with a cool cozy stream at the bottom, but the place was not suitable to be considered as an alternate campsite. After some minor offroading thrill, at 3.30pm, we converged to meet up with Team B to proceed to another alternative campsite. Fortunately, with our convoy leader, Heliman’s(Bernard Ng) earlier recce of the areas and with the aid of his GPS, we did not get lost. Further exploration offroading led us across two rivers, with one rig on ATs(All Terrain tires), and another on worn out MTs(Mud Terrain tires), almost did not make it through. By the time we decided on the campsite was about 5pm. We had to settle to camp on the trail itself. The site was superb as it was beautifully shaded amidst bamboo trees with a stream at the bottom of the hill.

Dinner was BBQ chicken wings and a Grouper Fish that we had marinated with ginger and rice wine earlier then, steamed on top of the pit wrapped in aluminum foil, while the rest of the gang could not wait to get happy hour started. By the time we were through with dinner, more than half of them were “spirited away” on Heliman’s mix of lethal cocktail concoction. We took off to dreamland at 10.30pm. We were told from eye witnesses that the party continued till 2.45am while we were asleep. The night was rather chilly but nice as we were well sheltered by our camping flysheets. Woke up at about 9am this morning, then cooked up a simple breakfast of sausages and sunny-side-ups.
Nothing beats an open air breakfast early in the morning to the sound of the rainforest and the rapids from the river down below, eat your heart out 3D surround sound, THX whatever! We broke camp at about 12.45pm with Blue Thunder and Freelander and headed for Ulu Langat for seafood lunch courtesy of the latter. By the time we arrived home, it was around 2.30pm. Overall, we enjoyed the trip as it was rather laid-back and chill-out kinda trip, the offroading sector could have been a little more challenging though. Mozzie, Shanghai, and Moggy….signing out!

Check this site for more photos : Trip Photo


At Monday, October 21, 2013 2:55:00 PM, Blogger Edwin Tan said...

Guys, nice pics. Anyway I went there recently but ended up with the good tar road. Beside me all rubber plantations. I did managed to get to the waterfall. The logging road no more is it?


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