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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sitiawan - Lumut - Camerons

We were invited to go on a last minute trip to Sitiawan in Perak with Linson and Emily. Moggy had to sit out on this one as LJ(Emily's Honda Jazz), was chosen for the assignment. Besides, he got all excited as this was supposedly, the first trip for him outside of the Klang Valley(with the exception of PD, according to Emily in which Jules went along for that trip too but that was ages ago. Being a city mini mpv, LJ was all geared up for the trip as we heard Em mentioning abt sending him for his check up and oil change a week before this trip.

Left KL late afternoon on Saturday around 5pm. Earlier around 2pm, we were still deciding with the both of them on where to go for the long weekend. Most hotels and resorts were fully taken up as the following Monday is Labour Day holiday.

Traffic was heavy, but with someone with F1 driving reflexes behind LJ's wheels, we reached Sitiawan by 8.30pm. We learnt that all the rooms were fully booked in Sitiawan, however as Linson got the kind help of his "kakis" to make reservation for us at a little known(at least to us) hotel in town called "Flamingo". Later in the night, we headed for dinner at a seafood restaurant which was about 10 minutes drive from our hotel. Linson's friend Rada came to pick us up from our hotel and we met another one of his "kaki", Cheng who drives a Hilux rig, with a tad bit of mods here and there plus the usual stickers on the rig's body. We adjourned into the restaurant in which the decor and ambience was nothing much to shout about. It's located in some palm oil plantation. Anyhow, the food was exceptionally good; so here's proof to say, "never judge the book by its cover". We had deep friend chilled fish fillets, chilli crabs, veges, "Lali" (which according to Rada, it's the cousin of the Lala clams) and as well as mantis prawns cooked in dried chili 'Kong Po' cantonese style and not forgetting a the tofu soup. Food was just alright as the price was dirt cheap, about RM 70 for the whole feast for 6 pax.

Right after the dinner we adjourned to Lumut town which is also a base for the Royal Malaysian Navy and as well as the Outward Bound School for those who are game for some rough outing which the organised such as flying fox, canoeing etc..basiscally if you want to get real tired and have a good workout, you should join this. Both the Naval base and the Outward Bound School is located at Teluk Batik, Lumut. We landed outselves at the Rockerfella Casa Del Mar Pub for some rounds of drink. The weather was extremely warm but thanks to the good guys at the pub, they put a huge fan next to our table which gave us a good breezy evening. We stayed till late till around 1.30am then returned to the hotel.

Next day, woke up around 9.30am though a little reluntant to do so, wish we could just stayed in bed the whole day. We were suppose to meet up with Cheng at the hotel lobby in the morning to go for breakfast but Linson somehow had misplaced his phone, but fortunately he discovered that he left it at Rada's car last night. Tried to go for breakfast at a little Malay restaurant perched by the river but by the time we reached there at around 11am, the place was closed, so had to settle for some noodles near a wet market in town. Food was not too nice but edible. Linson arranged for us to travel by motorbike from Sitiawan to Lumut pier to get over to Pangkor Island, but we decidedto pass on his offer as we did not have a pleasant experience on a bike earlier in the year in Pai, Thailand and could not afford a repeated episode on a bike. So both of them went ahead with their plan while we decided to get some ice cold beer to chill out in the hotel for the rest of the day. It dizzled at dinner time and both our friends had not returned from Pangkor, so we decided to try out a nearby Chinese Restaurant. We ordered half a red snapper, seafood soup and a chicken dish that did not exactly tasted and looked like chicken(strange). Food was one of the worst we had taken at a proper chinese retaurant. They had probably served us some leftovers from an earlier wedding dinner, as what we had wanted to eat was "sold out". Total damage was RM49. We settled to bed earlier than usual that night and did not meet up with Linson and Em.
The following day, we tried the popular makan place by the riverside, and lo and behold, it was opened. The darn place was packed with people, and we were wondering when the wooden stilts supporting the restaurant was gonna collapse. This place it seems is very popular with locals and even city slickers like us for their Roti Canai(Malaysian Pancake) and Nasi Lemak(coconut rice served normally with hot chilli paste, peanuts and anchovies). During breakfast we were debating on whether to do some fishing or head up to Cameron Highlands, after which we decided on the latter. Asked for late check out at 2pm as Linson wanted to catch up with and old off road buddy. Left Lumut after that. Along the way we grab a packet of the famous "Air Nira" for each of us by the highway. Air Nira is some sort of drink extracted from a local species of coconut. That was refreshing but, a little too sweet so you need to drink it ideally with a lot of ice or added water. It was raining all the way up to the highlands, so we arrived via Tapah(old route) to Ringlet and then Tanah Rata by 7pm. Did some vegetables shopping at Brinchang, had our dinner at a steamboat restaurant. Drop by the Old Smokehouse Hotel for some picture taking at about 8.45pm and descented back towards KL. Traffic condition was horribly slow in a halt and go most of the way, and rest areas could not be excessible due to too many people travelling. We finally reached KL a 1.05am.


For more photos visit HERE


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