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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ulu Yam - 17, 18 & 19 March 2006

Day One

1820hrs - Left Bangsar. According to our original plan, we were suppose to rendezvous at Esso station along the Kepong-LDP highway with Linson, Emily and Phil. After some battling with the after office traffic at the Damansara/Kepong Toll, apparently due to some miscommunication, Jules received a call from Emily asking our location and telling us that we were suppose to pick her up at her home in Damansara Jaya. At that time, we were already very close to the initial RV point and we had to make a U turn to DJ. Nevertheless, we pushed off from Emily’s, and to avoid the bad traffic, we took another alternative route to RV with Linson at the Shell Station along Sg Buloh/Kepong road, which would lead us into some backroads to get to the Batu Caves area, then into Ulu Yam. Linson bought Benny some gas at the Esso station pumps before we headed for dinner.

2038hrs - Had dinner at a mamak restaurant called “Money Corner”. We ordered tandoori chicken with naan, fried rice, fried bee hoon and 20 sticks of chicken satay. After dinner, there was some excess food, so instead of letting them go to waste, we packed them as I knew some of us might be hungry when a reach campsite later.

The tarmac road which led us to our destination was good, but dark and windy, and would have been a scenic one if it had been the morning. Overall, it took us about 45 minutes from our dinner place to the off-road sector.

2230hrs - By this time, the place was almost pitch dark. However we had Moggy and Benny to provide us with sufficient lighting. We set up our new 3x3 meters retractable canopy in a flash. All of us could not wait to get settled for some ice cool beer. Moggy’s battery(as usual) provided excellent lighting with two florescent lights around our camp area. While the rest had to settle into the tents and airbeds, Jules and I were more than happy to sleep on our camp beds sheltered under the canopy. We love this as we get to be closer to nature also get to enjoy the nice unpolluted fresh air without having to sweat in the tent. After a couple of ice cold beers aka Kingfisher Strong (7.2%) and a great company of friends, we retired to sleep at around 2.30am.

Day Two

0730hrs - By the time I woke up, Linson had already turned off the florescent light from Moggy. The rest of the people were still covered cozily in their sleeping beds. After a while, Linson too return inside his tent, for round two. As for me, I took my camera to the area around the waterfall and river to snap some shots and video clips. None of them woke up until about 10.00am.

1015hrs - Breakfast was fried sausages and french toast for everyone with instant Nescafe. We enjoyed the food and conversation with one another over breakfast, even though some of us were still on hyperspace mode due to some symphony orchestra playing in the background the whole night.

1200hrs - We decided to head to the waterfall area for a cold dip. This is something that we did not get to do last weekend as we had dipped downstream, because there were many people at the waterfall area at that time. The water was very clean with light brown sandy beach type sand. However, we could see rubbish, cans, plastic bottles, fruit skins that were littered at some area. This feeling gave us a feeling of disgust and disappointment towards the public's attitude towards the environment. We wish that the government would take some serious enforcement action on these culprits.
Nevertheless, we did not let it dampen our spirits, we proceeded to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. As far as our eyes could see to where there’s accessibility, there is at least a 3 tiers of waterfall at this site. We bathe in the pool at the bottom tier and then subsequently trekked up to the 3rd pool at the top…..the sight was amazing. At about 1pm, we saw a few off-roading vehicles trying to make an attempt to cross to the stream below us. They could not proceed later as one of the Isuzu Trooper had a busted clutch and had to be snatched by a lighter modified Suzuki. They failed after a few attempts. To put the drama to an end, Linson went down and took his Benny into action. Using his winch, he succeeded to winch the Trooper out of the rut. Apparently his radiator almost got overheated as he has forgetten to turn the radiator fan on auto mode, as he had switched it into manual mode during the river crossing last night when we got in. The rest of the afternoon was spent chillin’ out with one another until dinner.

1715hrs - Started to gather some woods to set our campfire and set up our BBQ pit.

1900hrs - Had “Ikan Cincaru” and “Pari” Tom Yam style cooked on the BBQ pit. There was also Chicken Wings marinated in Honey Garlic BBQ sauce, enough for all the 5 of us.

2345hrs - There’s nothing better than ending the day after a cold dip in the waterfall over some good laughs and conversation.

Day Three

0900hrs - That’s when all of us have awaken from a good night sleep. After that Breakfast was made courtesy of Emily and Phil.

1030hrs - We all took the final dip to enjoy the waterfall before we broke camp at about 12 noon.


More photos, visit pauljules2006.shutterfly.com


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