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Monday, March 13, 2006

Ulu Yam – 11&12 March 2006

Got caught by the camping bug during the weekends, as has been sometime since we took Moggy off the tarmac. However, as offroaders, we knew that it would be too risky to go at it alone with a single rig. Anyhow, Jules contacted our dear chief, Nasa from Edarwest Outdoor, a veteran offroader, for some advice on short trips that's nearby with a light trail, nice campsite and safe for an overnight camping. He suggested a place in Batang Kali called Ulu Rening, Jules noted down some markings and positions that we could use to attempt our supposedly first solo offroad venture.

That same night, we met Nasa over some drinks at Telawi. Also took the opportunity to meet up with some friends including Linson, also a long time offroader who drives a modified Daihatsu Rocky. Next thing we knew over some drinks, he volunteered to come along with us to the campsite, so we thought that would be helpful incase we could find the way there.

The intended campsite was relatively near to KL, so we decided to rendezvous at Rawang Toll at 1pm on Saturday. Set off around 1.05pm, proceeded through Rawang, passed Serendah before we arrived at Batang Kali town. Tried to follow the instructions given by Nasa but both vehicles could not managed to find the campsite location despite being already in the Ulu Rening area. After about a 30 mins attempt, Linson proposed for us to go to Ulu Yam instead, which is quite close to where we were. So Ulu Yam it is. We have heard quiet a lot about Ulu Yam, with its waterfall, streams and all, but we also knew that the place is also accessible to public(trekkers, bathers, picnickers, people in Protons). Anyhow, we were thinking “what the heck” as we are already dying for some campsite action, even if it means lesser offroad sector fun and accessibility to the general public. Anyhow, we knew Linson and his buddy Michael will be leaving campsite later in the afternoon and shall not be joining us overnight, so that means the campsite would also be safer for us in case we get lost or caught inside for whatever reason.

We had the luxury of three choices for location to set our camp, finally we settled for one next to the waterfall at about 3pm. The first one a smaller one with a good clean stream, the second was already inhabited with truckloads of campers who have set camp there earlier. Most of these guys we noticed came on Jeep Cherokees.

Our spot was nice as its pretty clean, except some garbage strewn in some places by some imbeciles who should be barred from entering the jungle forever. The air was cool, except for some mosquitoes possibly due to the area being infested by littering imbeciles. Fortunately, they left us alone after I started the camp fire. Rest of the night was spend just the two of us. Dinner was(whatelse?) BBQ'ed lamb steak and cod fish. We retired onto our campbed early at about 10pm.

Woke up about 8.30am, made breakfast.......our favorite mushroom sausages and Jule’s best French toasts and needless to say, coffee with Low Fresh Milk. We brought a bottle of Gecko Creek, Australian Shiraz Carbenet 2004…….hmmmmm, young wine but fruity. Took the chilled bottle into the stream, after an hour of soaking in cool fresh and clear water, we decided to have more food……….Indo-Mie (Dry)……that’s the best!

Subsequently, we took a 2 hour nap, right until, the clouds decided bring some rain. Our Main Canopy broke when the aluminum frame structure could not withstand weight of the water trapped at the roof. The rain decided not to have mercy on us so we proceeded to pack off at about 3pm.

Overall, Good campsite. Try to avoid holiday season and weekends, as you see no kids.
We are definitely thinking a 3 Days 2 Night this coming weekend with more buddies and more food and drinks!


For more Photos, go to pauljules2006.shutterfly.com


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