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Monday, March 27, 2006

Cameronian Camping

Spent three days and two nights in Cameron Highlands recently. Unlike other visitors to this highland, we opted to camp out at the Fathers Guesthouse in Tanah Rata. Temperature was hovering at around 19 to 25 degrees C in the day and around 16 degrees C at night.

Day One, we arrived through the new Simpang Pulai exit off the North-bound highway. Earlier, we took a detour into the small town of Bidor, for its popular duck noodles for breakfast. However, Jules and I thought that the one in Bangsar’s Lucky Garden still serves the best duck noodles around.
The new highway from Simpang Pulai was a very scenic drive and much less windy than the old route through Tapah. As we ascended the slopes, we could actually feel the air outside getting cooler and fresher. Temperature was much colder than expected as it began to drizzle, you can literally smell the greens through the unpolluted air. The drive was so pleasant and relaxing that I was so tempted to stop Moggy, walk out and smell the air on a couple of occasions.
We arrived at the peak, and the second cameronian town of Brinchang after Kampung Raja at about 10.30am. Brinchang is another 6kms from our intended campsite at Tanah Rata.

Around 11am we stopped by for some freshly brewed strawberry flavored tea at the Bharat Tea Plantation at Cameron Valley. After that, we headed to the famous BOH Plantation between Tanah Rata and Ringlet town. There, we had the chance to step into the tea factory and learnt a little about the tea making process for free….and then some more hot tea for the both of us. After a some driving around Cameron, and a little wet marketing for some fresh produce we finally decided to settle down at Father’s Guesthouse and began to set camp.
Temperature was starting to get chilly by 7pm so we made some hot and spicy Tom Yam soup, with Shitake and Inoke Mushrooms, Cabbages, and “Suay Kow” for ingredients.

Day Two, we did nothing much except headed nearby for some breakfast and then towards the evening, we tried to do a bit of shopping at the night market at Brinchang, bought three bunch of roses(at RM10 only) until it started to rain. We had to rush back to the campsite to try to salvage our equipment and gear from getting soaked from the rain. By the time we arrived, everything was wet, including the bedding stuff inside our tent, our camp chairs and campbeds. However, thanks to Moggy, we could sleep pretty comfortably inside her for the rest of the night until dawn. It was quite a challenge for us as we have never gotten caught but a downpour like this(can you imagine, plus the cold temperature) camping out.

Day Three, woke up in Moggy to find that it was still drizzling. Nevertheless, we headed for some breakfast and hot ginger tea at an Indian coffee shop down the road. Eventually the drizzle and the rain began to stop after we returned to the campsite, the sun came out enough for us to bunk our rain soaked gear out to dry. At 1pm we broke camp, took a nice shower and headed for lunch then back to KL.

For those of you planning for a break from the city, and if Cameron Highlands in Pahang is your next destination, and if you are looking for a budget accomodation, we would recommend Fathers Guesthouse at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. Rates are very cheap, mainly catered to backpackers, so you will meet guests from Europe, Australia, USA, etc. This place reminded us of our trip to places like Chiangmai & Pai, Koh Lipe, and Khao San Road in Bangkok.

More photos, visit pauljules2006.shutterfly.com


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