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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Weekend @ Damai Laut Spa & Resort

Was at Lumut the weekend right before Valentine's Day. This is my first visit to Lumut. The day we left in the morning, the skies wasn't too friendly. As we started our journey about 7.15am, it was pouring pussies and bitches. Lumut is a small fishing town which is situated nearby to Sitiawan. Lumut basically acts as a departure point for travelers wanting to visit the Pangkor Island. Aside from this, Lumut is also very famous for the seafood as the seafood cuisines there are cheaper and above all, fresh.

Lumut in Malay Language (Bahasa Malaysia) means moss, lichen, or seaweed. Why this town is being called Lumut? This is because in the earlier days, the beach in this town is rich of moss, so the local people called it Lumut. Once a relatively unknown fishing town it has since acquired the proud distiction of being the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy and the take-off point for the beautiful offshore islands in the bustle of development taking place around it, the town still retains its quiet charm.

The sleepy coastal town is situated about 84 km from Ipoh City, and approximately 130km northwest of Kuala Lumpur. Lumut is well known for its beautiful shell and coral handcrafts. The drive took us past historical town like Teluk Intan(formerly known as Teluk Anson). For those of you would are not aware, the town even has it's very own Leaning Tower. As you can see here below.....

When we arrived at the resort, we could not check in until 1pm, so we decided to hunt for some seafood at Pantai Remis. "Pantai" in malay means beach. It was the fourteenth day of the Chinese New Year and most of the seafood restaurant we close, in the end we had no other alternate but to settle for one that we found near an oil palm estate situated next to the road.

The trip was more of a chillin out weekend for us. Breakfast and dinner was provided for in the package. Check out http://pauljules2006.shutterfly.com for the album on the trip.


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