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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas in Singapore

Would you believe that? We actually spent our Christmas Eve and Day in Singapore. Anyway, this was the first time Moggy made her maiden journey into Kiasu land. Headed south after spending the first half of the day at the office. Traffic condition at the south bound Sg Besi toll plaza was pretty clogged up as most folks headed out for the long weekend holiday. At the Seremban stretch, traffic came to a standstill for a while because of some highway works along the center. Fortunately the coast became clear all the way after that hold up.
Arrived in JB city before 5.00pm I think, checked ourselves into Selesa Hotel, which was formerly known as Continental Hotel. We decided to do that was we knew a similar type hotel south in Singapore would costs us at least double due to the conversion rate. Why pay more when you are just bunking for two nights right?
Shortly after sundown, we drove to cross into the causeway, anticipating a massive exodus both ways, but to our pleasant surprise, we were wrong. According to a customs officer, traffic had been really all day except when we were there as most revellers would be down in the city center for the celebrations by this hour. However, the sight was quite a different down at Orchard area as we had never seen as many people on a square foot of walkway down from Scotts Rd all the way to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station before. We could not find a parking spot for Moggy after 30 minutes or so, and we eventually decided to drive down to the Raffles city area in search for any hotel to valet park her. After a short while, parked Moggy at Raffles Hotel. She certainly loved the attention she was getting in Singapore as most inhabitants of the island nation have probably never seen a pretty rig like her on stilleto heels.
We proceeded to walk across to Chijmes for dinner. Discovered they have Hog’s Breath Cafe here. Jules had mentioned about the Hog’s Breath in the Gold Coast several times before. I also realised that there is another chain of restaurant called Hog's Breath Saloon in Florida, but apparently under a different management. So we had our dinner there of course with a three pints of Tiger Beer draft. Guess what guys? The Tiger in Singapore taste absolutely yummy. The Tiger here in Malaysia, draft or canned or bottled tastes absolutely watered down….man! I feel short changed even ever I drink beer in Malaysia! And yes, we even bought the canned ones from 7-Eleven just to verify, indeed it tastes different! Can someone from AP Breweries in Malaysia please explain?
Headed back into JB that same night, and return to Singapore the next day. Nothing much to report here, except that we had dinner, at Tony Romas, Home of the Best Baby Back Ribs in the world. Geezz, I am drooling now on the keyboard as I am typing….excuse me!
Well, not much else about Singapore I guess….but nonetheless, Moggy has not been to Singapore for the record and this is the first time....and she made it just fine.


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