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Friday, August 19, 2005

What's UP?.....Stupid HAZE!

Been awefully quiet for the past week or so due to the recent weather condition that kept most KLites in a hazy spell. Last weekend, stayed home most of the time. We had to stop operations at our facility from Thu, 18 August evening to Saturday morning 20 August as my office is located at the Kuala Selangor district, one of the two areas that made international headlines when the our PM called for a haze emergency(Malaysia Boleh! or Blame it on Sumatra!). Stayed home listening to the radio whole darn day on that Friday as we had to be on standby mode awaiting for the emergency to be lifted to resume operation. Earlier had wanted to take some photos of the haze to post it here, but on second thoughts.....nahhh, I don't wanna pollute my beautiful blog.
BTW, heard on the news this morning that the meteorological dept is forecasting for more haze on Monday as they are expecting shifting of wind directions. Man! Looks like I am running out to buy more N95 face mask......I just realised that this is gonna be quite a lucrative business. Just last Sunday was at the night market in Telawi, this guy was selling it at RM5.50 per piece. My purchaser ordered them for RM3.50....so that's about 60% margin, not a bad business! With the seemingly improved conditions, he is probably praying for more haze. Next thing in the pipeline is that oxygen mask maybe a hot seller, anyone with contacts for good price?......on consignment lah! Take advantage of the haze rather than bitching about it right?


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