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Monday, June 13, 2005

Kenyir Trip, 11- 13 June 2005

We stayed at Kenyir Lake Resort. Beautiful and serene, the lake was as big as I had imagined it to be. Our unit perched on a slope, was within a stone's throw away from the lake shore. The room was exceptionally larger than those that could be found in any standard 4-5 star hotels in the city. All the units were fashioned in what looked like minangkabau-style architecture giving it the "home away from home" feel. Once in the room, to our amazement, the wooden balcony that greeted us ahead was stragetically positioned to give their guests(like us), an awesome view of the lake. We had almost the whole weekend to ourselves as(due to whatever reasons), occupacy rate was very low except for some city folks from our neighbouring south island who came in droves for some corporate event. Fortunately for us, the day we checked in, most of them were leaving, otherwise, the experience might have left us thinking that we were in some resort in Pasir Ris or some HDB park in Ang Mo Kio(no offence to our Pua Chu Kang cousins!).
The highlight of the stay was the boat ride to parts of the lake where we get to see "dead tree trunks"......yep, that's right. How the hell do you get that right in the middle of the lake right? Well, for the benefit of those who are not well read about this, Kenyir Lake is actually the result the development of a dam project years back when some of the primary rainforest was sacrificed to contain a reservior, hence water was actually released to flood over areas of the rainforest and viola.... a man-made lake. But ever wondered what happened to the flora and fauna of the area? Well, that I guess is, how do we call it....collateral damage to the environment for the sake of modernization? Anyway, other than that rather morbid experience, we truely enjoyed the sights and the sounds. We were then taken to a waterfall and then to a fish farm(Kelong). Well this was pretty useful for us as we knew we were not gonna reel in any on this trip despite the fact that we had actually brought in two fishing rod and some tackles. Anway, to cut the story short, we bought 3 patins, took it to the resort's chef and then had those suckers for lunch.....hmmmmm yummyy. And all that for a mere RM30. Oh ya, we spotted a family of otters too, hmmm never knew otters exist in Malaysia, the last time I saw one in the nature was some 17 years ago at Puget Sound in Washington State.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Shanghai & Moggy's Adventure

The blog is dedicated to our 4x4 rigs, Shanghai & Moggy. Shanghai is the handsome and macho one(Silver)....ahem, and my girlfriend, Moggy(Black) is the tall one on stilletos 24hrs a day.

Here is what Shanghai has to say about their new blog......

"OK....From time to time we will post pictures of ourselves and our owners, Paul and Julie on our travels with them and their travels and adventure.
They both share a fond passion for rigs, travels, food and wine. ppssstt...But you know what? Julie aka Mozzie have been recently seen posing with a Hummer H2......so....well, and ahh Moggy still does not know about it, you know. Well ah..for her sake I hope she won't find out......sheeshhh...I don't know...whatever happens, I'll stick by Moggy you know, she's a good girl"